We are an independent Environmental Consultancy company specialising in helping any industry that uses industrial filtration units. We have over 20 years experience in the industrial de-dusting  sector. We specialise in all the major industries such as Power, Cement, Waste Incineration, Chemical and Metallurgical applications.

Saving millions of dollars in environmental operational costs is no easy feat. We know this as we have spent the last 20 years at the forefront of this sector. To date, we have focused on air pollution control, servicing industrial applications in some of the most difficult environments in the world.

Recently, we have been faced with many challenges in Asia. We have visited numerous different plants that have all experienced various issues with their de-dusting technology.


In each plant, there were common issues:

1. Inexperience with causes of bag house inefficiencies

2. Limited maintenance programs

3. Limited filtration experience

Almost every plant we visited had a problem with their dust control systems, leading to conclude that these problems could have been avoided if:

1. The plant had been advised correctly in the beginning

2. The maintenance team were trained correctly

3. Purchases were not just made due to price

Our main area of expertise in filtration is troubleshooting, specialising in solutions. We have solved many industrial application issues and we also offer training in maintenance practices. A dedicated filtration consultant visiting each region, improving plant practices would be extremely beneficial to any business.  As an independent consultancy service, we would be able to suggest which material would be suitable for each plant and advise the regional HQs on best solutions for each plant. This could potentially save your business thousands or even millions of dollars in operating costs and, in many cases, improve production capacities.