Poor maintenance is one of the most important issues that can lead to high emissions, short lifetime and higher costs. Ignoring the issue will only increase future costs. The client in this project had to replace the entire cleaning system at considerable cost.  This could have been avoided by the use of proper maintenance programs.


Waste incineration is complex, the fuel is unpredictable and the gasses entering the filtration system are complicated. The client was experiencing very high pressures in the filter.  We found that it was due to a reaction in the system that presented with solids being deposited on to the surface of the media. We quickly provided a cleaning solution and helped the client operate in a way that could avoid future clogging of the media.


Visiting power stations should be routine, but every now and again we are faced with major problems. This particular plant was experiencing massive failures in the air pollution control system after only 6 months.  We found the issue to be a process problem and quickly suggested a replacement fabric to cope with the conditions. The life was extended from 6 months to 4 years. This happens all to often, whereby the client relies on inexperienced suppliers to provide a solution.



We visited a cement plant in India recently where we discussed the kiln bag house, which had been experiencing failures after 6 months. After several hours trying to extract information from the maintenance team, we found there to be issues with other elements of the system responsible for these failures.  Over 5000 glass bags needed to be replaced, equaling a financial loss of US$260 000.00 in 6 months. Loss of production costs were in addition to this figure. If the initial advice from the filtration companies had been correct and training had been given, these extra costs would have been avoided.